Life Insurance

Life insurance offers our clients peace of mind in providing ready funds to pay estate taxes and the costs associated with probate along with a cash death benefit to your heirs.

Life products offered to help protect and manage your estate.

Low in cost and provides a tax-free death benefit to your beneficiary.Coverage is for a fixed period of years (5,10,15,20,30) depending on your age. We also offer Term Life Insurance with Guaranteed return of premium at the end of the contract period.

These plans provide coverage up to $35,000 or more.
The death benefit is often used to pay final expenses.
These plans are offered with few,if any medical questions.
Some are offered at a Guaranteed Issue reguardless of health.

The high cost settling an estate,that may include outstanding credit,home mortage loans,funeral expenses,and income replacement for your family has made Life Insurance Coverage more important than ever before.

You have worked hard in providing your family with life's necessities and more. Proper Life Insurance coverage will take the worry off yourself and those that you may leave behind.

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