Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care by definition refers to the sevices needed for people with either short term or long lasting chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Benefits that are provided by a Long-Term Care Insurance include:

This is care provided in the privacy of your own home.
These services include bathing,dressing,cooking of meals,feeding,grocery shopping,transportation,housekepping,laundry.
Many Insurance companies offer you the choice of whom you wish to provide you with care.
It can be a home health care agency nurse,a friend,or even a family member.

An Assisted Living Care facility provides apartment-style accommodations which focus on providing assistance with activities of daily living.These facilities were designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home care. A higher level of care is given to the residents such as daily meals,housekepping,assistance with medication,laundry,and health monitoring by a licensed practical nurse,registered nurse,or a certified nurse aids.

This is care that is provided in a traditional nursing home facility.
Patients with serious illnesses or disablities are given 24-hour medical care.
These are state licensed facilities and care is provided by Doctorís, R.Nís, L.P.Nís, and certified nurse aids.

If you need long-term care and have no coverage who will pay for it?

Can you afford an extra $35,000-$50,0000+ per year in expenses?

In America because of our aging population long-term care coverage has become more important than ever before.

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